cork modular

re-shaping furniture



makes a great combination


two cork elements

creating customisable shelving units


Get inspired & be creative

a new experience and not just another furniture



designed and locally produced around Porto district


COMO is a modular cork furniture for your home, office or shop interior.

Our passions is reshaping interior design and developing smart solutions that allow you to co-create adaptable modules.
A simple and extremely flexible way to furnish your space.
A versatile design which allows you to make your individual shelving units, arranged in unlimited numbers and arbitrarily.
No extra tools needed and assembled with only two kind of cork elements and connectors.

Made out of cork – a noble and eco-friendly material – produced 100% in Portugal.

COMO . Great lifestyle for great life stories!

100% made in Portugal

COMO is inspired, created and produced 100% in Portugal. We use cork – a noble and sustainable material.

we love what we do

Our passion is bringing creativity and nature into people’s life. Get inspired and co-create your furniture.

we will support you

watch this video tutorial, and find some additional information and inspiration how to use COMO at home

loaded with possibilities

With just two cork elements five different modules can be created. Be creative and explore the possibilities.